St. Bonaventure University

St. Bonaventure University

Coming Soon! Developed along with the team members at BarkleyREI: I was the primary integration contact for the SBU redesign...

LuCa National Training Network

The University of Lousiville is presenting Lung Cancer national training network, proudly hosted on ArchiTECH

Raystown Lake

A fun boxy design for ArchiTECH, provides a lot of integration opportunities.

PA Route 6 Alliance

An ArchiTECH client, provided new features, such as an SVG “roadmap” header which updates as you change slides

Visit Vicksburg

An ArchiTECH client, helped shape the event planning and calendar features of the platform

Visit The Delta

An early ArchiTECH project, Visit the Delta provided some interesting technical challenges: such as live SVG mapping. Check out

Visit Santa Rosa

As one of the first ArchiTECH sites, Santa Rosa helped shape the platform’s growth and identity. Check out Visit Santa...