Polynormative Ethics

Have Consent.

Have Respect.

Have a good time.

Relationships are difficult. Loving more than one partner at a time is not an escape from responsibility but rather a choice to build and shape a relationship network based upon mutual happiness rather than conforming to social expectations. When you make the choice to open your heart to one or more partners, you become vulnerable and open to devastating heartbreak. Relationships mutate, and constantly evolve. Love is not a state of being, Love is a constant and deliberate choice to sacrifice and serve for your relationship network. Every relationship will change your life. Change is scary. Having a baseline set of ethics can aid in building stronger, safer, relationships.

All relationships must include consent, honesty, self-empowerment, and respect between all partners. All partners within a relationship, to protect and preserve the relationship as well as the individuality of each partner must be granted the following rights.

In all intimate relationships each partner has the right to:

  1. Consent, and to be free from all forms of physical and mental coercion, violence, and manipulation. This includes the right to revoke consent at any time, for any reason.
  2. Freely choose the level of intimacy that they are comfortable providing, or receiving from other partners.
  3. Truth.
  4. Express different beliefs and opinions.
  5. Feel and freely communicate emotions without fear of retaliation.
  6. Set boundaries on privacy and obligations.
  7. To grow and change.
  8. Make mistakes.
  9. End the relationship.

In all multi-partner relationships, each partner has the right to:

  1. Choose their own partners, and how many partners they are willing to accept.
  2. Have an equal say in deciding how the relationship network is structured.
  3. Choose the level of involvement, time, and intimacy granted to each partner.
  4. Present and enforce rules and boundaries
  5. Enjoy alone time with each partner
  6. Choose how to interact with your partners’ other partners
  7. Be treated with respect, as a person, even when differing levels of commitment or responsibility exist between partners.

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