Dangerous when broken

Resources for the support of marginalized communities

Taking a stand is hard.

but bold.

and necessary

  • Take on the struggle as your own
  • Be Scared, if you need to be.
  • Stand up anyway
  • Use your privilege to support those without
  • Know that your pain is different than others
  • This isn’t about you.


  • Listen
  • Be Aware of your biases
  • Research
  • Learn about the history of the struggles
  • Learn how you participate in oppressive systems
  • figure out how to change oppressive systems
  • amplify the voices that need heard
  • listen and accept criticism, even if it makes you uncomfortable


  • don’t expect special treatment
  • don’t compare your personal struggle with the systemic struggle of others
  • don’t behave as if you know better than others
  • don’t take credit for the work that came before you
  • don’t assume

Educate yourself

and stay safe.


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